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Med Couture Lab Coats and Vests for All Kinds of Professions and Students

Biomedical engineers, environmental scientists, forensics science technicians and neuroscientists, as well as doctors, physician's assistants and medical students all wear lab coats as part of their daily attire. Choosing the right one goes a little bit further than just getting the right length, though. See how easy it can be to choose the right lab coat or scrub vest from Med Couture Scrub Shop no matter what your profession.

The Meaning Behind the Lab Coat

For medical professionals, the long white lab coat signifies all the hard work you've done to become a doctor. So, traditionally, the longer the lab coat, the higher your degree. That's why medical students and residents wear shorter lab coats. Some medical schools even conduct ceremonies to give students their first white lab coat. Other medical professionals, like nurse practitioners or physician's assistants, also wear lab coats. According to OSHA expert, John Palmer, lab coats should be worn whenever there is a danger of a “spray or splash” of blood or other fluids that could spread disease or infection. In this way, the lab coat acts as a protective garment for the wearer. That's why scientists of all types wear lab coats, too.

Choosing the Right Lab Coat or Vest for You

The length of your lab coat or vest is the first consideration. If you're a student, your program will have guidelines for acceptable lengths. For professionals in both scientific and medical fields, your employer may have a standard for you to follow or you may get to choose on your own. Either way, you'll want to be sufficiently covered for protection from whatever hazards you deal with.

Other considerations you'll want to make are fit and style. Some questions to ask might include: • What clothing will you be wearing underneath the lab coat? Suit jackets and sweaters are thicker, so you might want a lab coat that will accommodate the extra fabric without being too tight. • Would you like a tailored look or something that can fit over many different styles of clothing? A belted lab coat can be adjusted to meet both needs. • What kind of pockets will you need? Some lab coats have large pockets that will fit tablets and laptops while others may not. • Will you need access to pockets in your inner clothing? Some lab coats are designed with slits at the sides so you can reach your pants or scrubs pockets without removing your lab coat.

Med Couture Has the Lab Coats and Scrub Vests to Fit Your Profession

No matter which type of scrub coat or lab coat you like best, Med Couture Scrub Shop has a look that's right for you! Men's and women's styles are available in a variety of lengths to keep you covered wherever you work. Take a look at what's available.

Men's Lab Coats

For men who want or need a longer lab coat, the Med Couture Men's Long Lab Coat offers a length of 40” in the EZ Flex 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester fabric that gives you a crisp look with just the right amount of stretch. This long-sleeved button-front lab coat is belted at the back waist for adjustability. Side access slits let you easily get to your pants pockets, and this coat offers a chest pen pocket, roomy front pockets and an inside left pocket as well. It's available in sizes 40-48. If you need a shorter lab coat, the Med Couture Men's Lab Coat offers all of the same features of the longer coat but in a 38" length. Suitable for students, residents, fellows and scientists, this lab coat will get the job done and keep you looking dashing all the while. It's available in sizes 36-52.

Womens Lab Coats

Med Couture offers women's lab coats in multiple lengths and cuts to match all your needs. With three choices for a 33” length, one in a 32” length, three choices in a 31” length and 30” and 28” choices, too, you'll find a variety of options to keep you looking great every shift. Here are some of the details of each.

Scrub Vests for Women and Men

Sometimes you just need a little extra coverage. That's where Med Couture's Scrub Vests come in handy! Longer than a scrub top, the scrub vest gives you plenty of room to move around but adds front pockets and accessory pockets to your regular clothes without you having to change into scrubs or a long-sleeved jacket. Available in white, navy or black, this unisex vest is the button-front vest you've been looking for. The 28 ½" length gives you plenty of coverage and can also serve as an extra layer under your lab coat when needed. Roomy patch pockets give you extra storage for note-taking and whatever else you might need to carry.
Whether you're a student, scientist or medical professional, you'll find the lab coats and vests you need at Med Couture Scrub Shop. And don't forget to browse all the collections for scrub wear that will appeal to your fashion sense and your work ethic!