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Med Couture Sport Neckline Top
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ID: 8401

Med Couture Signature Top
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ID: 8403

Med Couture Heidi Top
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Med Couture Flex-It Top
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Med Couture Pants

Med Couture Signature Pant
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Med Couture Gigi Pant
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Med Couture Freedom Pant
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Med Couture Tops: Scrubs You’ll Love to Stand Out In

In the medical field, every shift promises new surprises and adventures; the only element sure to remain the same day in and day out is the attire. With traditional scrubs, you never really have to ask yourself what you’re going to wear to work today. Every day, the answer is the same as it was yesterday, and it’s no different than that of all your coworkers. What can you do? Scrubs are scrubs, right?
Until about a year ago, that notion wouldn’t be far from the truth. Unless you were a wizard with a sewing machine and managed to find enough free time to create your unique patterns, the standard look was essentially your only option. Then, a new alternative entered the scene and revolutionized this particular branch of the clothing market.

Functionality Meets Fashion

In 2015, a well-known and highly trusted brand in the medical uniform industry took on a new name and entirely different direction. Med Couture was born, and with it, the concept of scrubs was reborn. In a press release covering the development, Founder, and President Barry Rothschild affirmed, “Med Couture is not only our new company name; it personifies the can-do attitude of our loyal healthcare professionals.”
Lead designer Julie Schragin brought with her an extensive background in boutique styles as well as ready-to-wear fashions when she joined the company under its former name in 2009. For the various Med Couture collections she generates, she combines her experience with inspirations from other designers as well as current fashion and athletic wear trends. Of course, she also takes into account the very specific needs of those in the medical field.
Variety and fashion-forward styles are key elements in Med Couture scrubs, but they’re only part of the bigger picture. Comfort and functionality also make their way into the mix. When asked about this aspect of her designs, Schragin noted, “Healthcare professionals have to work long shifts, so I want them to feel like they can perform in our uniforms all day long.” She went on to point out, “I can come up with the coolest design, but if it doesn’t have the essential needs for a nurse (i.e. patch pockets, drawstring on the pant, etc.) then what’s the point?”
In a nutshell, soft, durable, breathable fabrics with just the right amount of stretch to flatter the wearer without being restrictive make the cut. They’re transformed into colorful, vibrantly patterned scrubs in an array of cuts and fits. Along with all that savoir-faire, you’ll get plenty of sleek but practical cargo space. This manufacturer does not sell scrubs online directly, but you can find them right here through us: Med Couture Scrub Shop. We’re your connection to the most unique scrubs on the market.

Which Pieces Speak to You?

In a world full of cookie-cutter tones and shapes, standing out isn’t necessarily a negative attribute. With the Med Couture lineup, you won’t have any trouble finding a style that not only sets you apart from the crowd but exudes your unique personality. You’re bound to find more than one piece capable of cutting through the blah in your work wardrobe.
  • Ella Print Top: Blue does anything but bring on the blues with this floral print scrub top. The gracefulness of its notch neck design is paralleled by the gentle outward curve of its waist. Two patch pockets give you easy access to all your essential items while a blend of cotton and spandex keep you fresh and comfortable.
  • MC2 Lexi Top: Essentially available in the full-color spectrum, the MC2 Lexi Top offers a sporty neckline and tailored fit. You can keep your tools of the trade well within reach with its double patch pocket and accompanying single patch pocket. Keep track of your badge or nametag with its built-in elastic bungees, and be seen regardless of surrounding conditions courtesy of the reflective logo on your sleeve.
  • MC2 Olivia Top: With a more traditional V-neck design and slightly more length than its Lexi counterpart, the Olivia Top also gives you plenty of pockets for storage and features the MC2 line’s signature contrast stitching. Though it’s a step closer to the industry standard, its EZ Flex fabric and custom cut make it anything but ordinary.
  • MC2 Niki Top: Also featuring the classic V-neck and longer length, the MC2 Niki Top gives you angled pockets, a little extra niche for your pen and an additional chest pocket. Like its sisters in the MC2 collection, this one includes an elastic tag bungee and sleeve-mounted flasher.
  • Heidi Top: This V-neck alternative continues the Med Couture legacy of comfort, style, and durability while offering patch and chest pockets. As an added bonus, you’ll also find a hidden smartphone compartment. Available in a variety of colors, this option features a badge holder and the Med Couture logo in vibrant contrasting hues.
  • Natasha Print Top: Stark black is punctuated by brilliant pink, white and steel designs with this notch neck top. Black elastic shirring enhances the fit while also creating extra security at the tops of its patch pockets.
These are only a few of the tops available in Med Couture’s scrubs collections. Choose from an array of pants styles in like colors or those matching the company logo; keep in mind, the brand’s selection of pants are designed to blend beautifully with its print tops. Mix, match and coordinate for a virtually endless selection. You’ll also find long sleeve and performance tees for creating a layered look and keeping out the notorious chill of hospitals, clinics, and certain patients’ homes. Let Your Scrubs Reflect Your Style The driving forces behind the Med Couture name are style, comfort, and practicality. All these characteristics come together in a brand known for quality and versatility. Of course, no outfit would be complete without a cute pair of shoes.
When you’re on your feet all day, your footwear has to be built to keep up with you and the demands of the job. Many of the styles in Algeria Shoe Shop’s lineup coordinate flawlessly with Med Couture’s signature collections while offering a comfortable and functional footbed made of cork, soft polyurethane, and memory foam. Pair them with the leg pampering and protection of compression socks, and you’re set to stand out in any number of ways!